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The New International  Court......

being prepared, at the  back  of  the  Congress Theatre.  This is  just the  foundations... of  stone , drainage  ready  for  the   highly   measured soil  ingredients to  be layered on the  top  .. like layering icing on a wedding cake !!!

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Yes ...Please keep  off the  grass...

the  courts are put  to  rest for  the  winter.

This is  GRASS!

September brings the  end  to  the  season, and  new life is  nurtured back  into  the  grass over the  winter is  so  green !

The Best of

      English Crocket...

                          here n Eastbourne!  

I  deserted the  grass of  Devonshire Park  in September to  see why these grown  up  men   went to  Gildridge Park  to   swing their  mallets !

Just loved comparing the  competitive skills of  Crocket  with  Tennis  !!

Phil, with  Jim

                 crafting the  court from dawn  until  dusk.... right  into  December!

​I  know .. I  cooked their  breakfast each  day  !!

​​Happy  Christmas

to  'Fineturf'... Namely  Jim, Phil  and  Will.....

and  all the  other  hardworking  men... some ladies  who

come to stay at the  Park  View Hotel....I  love having you  !!

Refurbishing the outside.

​We started with  the  firescape, and  then   the  side and  front have  been  refurbished and  painted .

We are waiting to  complete refurbishing the  lovely  sash  windows at the  front , but  I  am  pleased to  report that all  the  side  and  back  windows have now  been  doubled  glazed... so  hopefully   we will  all  be warm  on cold , windy,  winter nights....